LABEL : Virgin Babylon Records
PRICE : ¥1,800
RELEASE: 2022.01.29

Kazuki Koga
The Summit Of The Gods

Track List
01 S.L.A.B.
02 Absolute Strength Of Will Demands Sacrifice
03 Hallucinations.wav
04 An Inevitable Dedication
05 Formidable Boulder.wav
06 The Summit Of The Gods
07 Matterhorn
08 Cry In Vain
09 Crack Climbing
10 Touching The Void
11 K2
12 Rise And Grind
13 Lhotse - ल्होत्से -

Kazuki Kogaは福岡県出身の電子音楽家。

”The Summit Of The Gods”はKazuki Kogaが2015年から実践している”GORGEを脱構築する”という個人的なプロジェクトの集大成であり、その精神とアイデアは従来のGORGEに対して明らかにポスト構造主義的だ。



Kazuki Koga is Japanese experimental electronic musician born in Fukuoka, Japan who was based in Montreal, Canada from 2015-2018.
He is currently based in Fukuoka.
His music comes from the musical tradition known as GORGE, best described as an experimental and electronic interpretation of rock climbing/mountaineering. Born in the mountains of Nepal and India, and developed in Japan, Gorge is only vaguely defined by its own secret codes and legends. Its purpose is to communicate the aesthetic and spiritual sublimity of rock climbing, and to open up the climbing route that leads to the summit of the gods.

Since 2015, Kazuki Koga has been working to deconstruct GORGE; "The Summit Of The Gods" represents the culmination of this personal project. Seen in relation to conventional GORGE music, its ethos and ideas are decidedly post-structuralist.

Kazuki Koga deconstructs the GORGE tradition of "using toms to make spellbinding grooves." To do this, he actively incorporates techniques of avant-garde music in order to sublimate the hardness of rocks, the harshness of extreme environments, and the spirit or way of life of climbers—especially solo climbers—into music that is close to an experience.

Excessive soundscapes, replete with atonality and unending rhythmic shifts: truly, this is the form of his unique and extreme mode of ascent.