LABEL : Virgin Babylon Records
PRICE : ¥1900

Decoded Sphere

Track List
01. Windows X
02. Runner
03. Tilted
04. New Syndicate
05. Language
06. Xinri E
07. Escherian Rhythm
08. Music Makers
09. With Organs
10. Movers And Shakers

アルバムについてのセルフノート / Self-notes about the album

この世界を僕達が各々のフィルターを通して知覚する時(というか、その様にしか認識出来ないのだけど)、浮かび上がってくるのがそれぞれの世界観で。このアルバムは「各々の色眼鏡を通して見えている世界の表象」という意味合いを込めて、Decoded Sphereと名付けました。非常に当たり前の事実なのだけど、ふとした時に俯瞰して思考してみると、人口の数だけ別の世界が存在する、という事実の森羅万象具合に圧倒される事が多々あって。


時間構造の話を少しだけしてみると、収録曲は全て拍子が6/4になっていて。多くの場合リズム要素を「6/4 x 2」で展開させて、メロディ要素を「8/8 x 3」で展開させていて。



Self-notes about the album

When we perceive this world through each of the filters (or rather, we can only recognise it that way), it is in each worldview that emerges. This album was named Decoded Sphere with the meaning of "a representation of the world seen through each coloured eyeglasses." It is a very obvious fact, but when you look back and think about it, you can often be overwhelmed by the fact that there are different worlds as many as the world's population.

I've been very attracted to music that can be heard easily, and at the same time has infiniteness in the structure that appears when we concentrate to listen. For example, in the Bible, for instance, it has a layer that functions as a story, and a layer that can be overwhelmingly interpreted as hardcore if read by a earnest person like Luther. I am very interested in making music with such a pyramid structure.

If I am allowed to talk about the time structure a little, all songs are in 6/4. In many cases, the rhythm elements are constructed with "6/4 x 2" and the melody elements with "8/8 x 3".

It's not my intention that the words I'm writing now work to keep my thoughts "here". Rather, it is my intention that words take off from "here" and function so as to bring out new meanings, interpretations, and the worlds.

Finally, to quote Ionesco's word, "let the words say what the word never meant before." I want this album to work that way.